The Biggest E-commerce SEO Trends to Have Emerged This Year

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Each year, we see a series of changes and updates to SEO in the world of e-commerce. Much has been said about the position of SEO, and whether or not you should still be using Google to boost your website’s ranking, rather than using popular alternatives such as social media. Regardless of your stance on this issue, it’s important to stay up to date with the latest developments in e-commerce SEO and understand the value of SEO for boosting your business. Here are some of the main SEO trends which have emerged this year and successful entrepreneurs are already taking advantage of.



Improved Off-the-shelf SEO

Prior to this year, the only SEO product that business and website owners used was one which was tailored to them. Anything else was usually not good enough, and didn’t do everything that was required for a good SEO campaign without at least pairing it with customised SEO techniques. However, this year has seen some huge improvements to off-the-shelf alternatives, which include anything from apps to widgets to other tools which are produced for a generalised market. Although these products won’t do everything for you, they can take on a lot of your SEO and require little to no input from you.

Share, Share, Share

This year, the e-commerce world has used social media more than any other. And, sharing is caring – social media is absolutely vital to e-commerce sites because your shareability will have a direct impact on the amount of profit which you make. Surveys show that over half of online marketers experience a positive ROI from social media marketing, and even those who were not yet hitting a profit from it say that social media sharing is only set to become more and more important for e-commerce.

Video Content is the New King

‘Content is king’ is still the main motto when it comes to e-commerce marketing and SEO, but video content is the new guy in town that has completely taken over. For years, video content has been becoming more and more popular, but this year we have seen it take the top spot. A whole number of studies have demonstrated time and time again how video content is outperforming almost every other content type. Creating videos has also become much more accessible, giving businesses of all sizes the chance to shoot, edit and share effective marketing videos within their budget.

Long-Form Content

2016 is the year of long-form content, especially when it comes to product descriptions for e-commerce stores. With so many different stores and products to choose from online, a couple of pictures and a few lines of text are no longer cutting it. People want to find out as much information as they possibly can when shopping online, making it easier for them to choose what to pay the most attention to.

For e-commerce businesses, it’s absolutely vital to keep up with trends in SEO and marketing today. Here at Click Intelligence, we understand how this can be difficult to fit around all your other business commitments, so why not leave it to us?

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