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What is Conversion Rate Optimisation?

Getting visitors to your website is an important step towards success, but a high bounce rate can be a frustrating and expensive result if you use Pay Per Click advertising. This is why we at Click Intelligence offer conversion optimisation services to convert a greater percentage of your site visitors into real customers.

The process of increasing your CRO involves making strategic changes to your website’s landing pages and your advertising campaigns.

Why Does Your Business Need Conversation Rate Optimisation?

A high bounce rate refers to the number of users who visit one page on your site and then click off. Without more than one action on your page, you also cannot determine whether that visitor truly engaged with your site or not, as Google Analytics can only track time spent once more than one action has been processed.

By using our conversion rate optimisation services, you can increase the number of clicks to your site from being one-time visitors into being real customers or readers. Improving your website and advertising campaigns will lead to a greater ROI and increased engagement.

What is our CRO Process?

At Click Intelligence, we pride ourselves on being a great conversion rate optimisation agency. That is why our CRO process is extensive and offers a variety of different strategies and checks so that we can provide real results

CRO Audit

Every conversion optimisation service begins with an audit. This is to help clear up any issues on your website or in your advertising campaigns so that every step forward from then on will see increased results. We will compile a hypothesis report containing recommended changes we believe you should make immediately.

User Testing

Our testing tools allow us to identify key problem areas that could be costing you. This ongoing testing is the secret to our success, which is why we use split-testing and user analysis to ensure continued results.

UX Design

User experience plays a critical role in conversion rates, which is why another critical part of any CRO strategy is to improve the design of your site. Using our UX Design services, you can make actionable changes quickly and effectively so that users can find what they are looking for and enjoy an intuitive online experience.

A/B Testing

By comparing multiple versions of your website, we can determine the best possible strategy for continued success and higher conversion rates.

Competitor Analysis

You never want to be behind your competition, which is why our conversion rate optimisation service also includes competitor analysis. This allows you to provide your customers with the best experience, while avoiding already-made mistakes.

What Does a Good Conversion Rate Optimisation Strategy Look Like?

Every good conversion rate optimisation agency works with you to create effective results, which is why we offer ongoing support and regular reports that showcase not just what we have done, but how our work has improved your conversion rate.

We aim to provide effective results and long-lasting improvements that will help every visitor enjoy a better, more intuitively designed experience. Contact us today, and we can create a custom quote for your company so that you can start to enjoy a higher conversion rate as soon as possible.

Our awesome team are here and ready to help your business succeed, so what are you waiting for? Get in touch to find out more.


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If you are looking to increase your traffic, sales & leads! Let's have a chat, just get in touch!

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"Click Intelligence is incredibly useful when executing your SEO strategy. It helps manage the time consuming task of manual outreach and content creation giving you time to focus on other tasks. Simon is incredibly knowledgeable and only practices white hat SEO so you know you’re in good hands"

John Smith - EMEA Marketing Manager Insight

Click Intelligence increased my unique visits from 487 to 7917 per month over a 12 month period. As a result we have seen an increase in turnover by 3654%
Dave Masterson
CEO Best Web Hosting

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If you are looking to increase your traffic, sales & leads! Let's have a chat, just get in touch!

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