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What is Facebook Advertising?

Facebook completely changed the face of social media forever. It was the first company to hit one billion users, and still today still sees over two billion monthly active users, and over one billion daily users who access the app on their phone. Facebook is simply too big to ignore, but you must be careful when advertising on it. From privacy scandals to a shift in algorithm, advertising on Facebook must be more organic, genuine, and targeted than ever before.

Why Does Your Business Need Facebook Advertising?

Facebook has an untold number of monthly and daily users, and a plethora of demographic data that it can use so that your advertising efforts can be targeted directly at your demographic. People attach key data like their age, gender, location, and likes on Facebook with only the social incentive to do so, which allows ads to be very targeted. Getting a user to do more than like your post, however, is another story entirely, which is why hiring a Facebook advertising agency like Click Intelligence can help you see greater results and higher engagement than attempting to create your campaign alone.

There are two key avenues your marketing efforts will be realised:

  1. Through Facebook’s Pay-Per-Click Advertising Scheme

Like Google, Facebook also operates under a PPC scheme that allows you to target your audience demographics and create more effective, engaging campaigns for your target audience.

  1. On Your Facebook Page

Just because Facebook pages are less likely to be seen in a news feed over users’ content does not mean that your Facebook page is useless. Rather, it means that content must inspire users to engage with it and be social more than ever. Similarly, setting up your Facebook Page so that it has all the relevant information can help any local SEO efforts and users to find your company through Facebook’s Graph Search.

What is Our Facebook Advertising Process?

We work with you so that your goals can be achieved, ensuring you see the highest ROI as possible, which is why we will help you create advertisements and narrow down your demographic for Facebook PPC advertising campaigns, as well as help you manage your budget. We will continue to track our efforts and optimise our efforts to bring you the greatest engagement and highest number of click-throughs.

What does a good paid social campaign look like?

Every great Facebook advertising campaign involves several key components, as well as an ongoing commitment to fine-tune any campaign so that your content and advertising budget are effectively used for maximum results:

  • Create Ads
  • Manage Budget
  • Ad Placement
  • Measurement and Reporting

We are a Facebook PPC agency that aims to create custom and highly relevant advertisements to your targeted audience. Our focus is on delivering the right message, at the right time. Facebook has a huge audience, and with the right campaign you can connect with users, make sales, and even foster a long-term relationship with your followers that will help see success and further organic reach as your users like, comment, and share your posts and ads with their friends and family.

Our awesome team are here and ready to help your business succeed, so what are you waiting for? Get in touch to find out more.

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