5 Reasons You Should Stop Attempting DIY SEO

By Link Building, SEO

For the past few years, search engine optimisation (SEO) has been an important business strategy. As we move deeper into the technological revolution, search engine optimisation is becoming more and more relevant, with an increasing number of people ditching laptops in favour of mobile devices. With research showing that conversion rates on smartphones are around fifteen times higher from searches than as a result of social media, search engine optimisation for mobile has never been more important. Since SEO has a lot of value, should you be managing it yourself, or is it time to call in a pro?

1. SEO Isn’t Easy

If you read an article about SEO best practices, it can be easy to think that SEO is simple and getting it all figured out won’t take long at all. But, in reality an effective SEO strategy will cover a lot of ground. You will need to think about technical considerations that are specific to your website, user experience, effective back-linking, and of course content optimisation. On top of that, you’ll also need to take into consideration things such as local SEO and other rank factors, such as social media. A professional can recommend and help you execute the best strategies for each.

2. Mistakes Can Be Lethal

If you’re going to do your own SEO, it’s vital to make sure that you are enough of an expert on the subject that you can guarantee you won’t make any rookie mistakes. But, if like most business owners you are not an SEO expert, are you willing to risk making mistakes that could seriously hurt your business?

3. The Rules Are Always Changing

Even if you were to take a full day out of your life – or even a week – to read every SEO book, site and paper that you could get your hands on, it would still only be a temporary knowledge of the latest updates and guidelines. SEO is constantly changing, and what’s acceptable or even recommended right now could well be black-hat a few years down the line. Doing your own SEO means making a massive commitment to staying up to date with new developments in the area, which most business owners simply don’t have the time for.

4. Professionals Have the Right Tools

There are plenty of resources to help you put together an effective SEO campaign, but if you’re a busy marketer or business owner, do you have the time to find all the right ones? Professional SEO experts invest in all the right software and tools to help you get the best results from your SEO.

5. Serious ROI Potential

Last but not least, you should stop doing DIY SEO and invest in a professional because it is worth it. With all the right tools, expertise and time to commit to improving your SEO campaign, you will get much better results from hiring a pro and therefore a much better ROI.

Why waste time doing SEO when you could leave it to the professionals and invest more of your time in your business? Get in touch to see what we could offer you today.

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