Building an In-House SEO Team: Which Roles Do You Need to Fill?

By SEO, Technical SEO

With companies realising how important a high ranking website is in the search engines, many are looking to build an in-house SEO team to get their website into the top spot and keep it there. However, building an in-house SEO team is a delicate process and it won’t come cheap either. That said, if you have the budget available to you, we’ve got the low-down on the various roles which make up the building blocks of an SEO team, and what each position is responsible for.



The Strategist

Also referred to as ‘Head of E-commerce’, ‘Head of Search’ or ‘Head of Digital’, the role of the strategist is the most important. The person who is in this position is responsible for being the brains of the operation, and is integral to the results. An ideal person for this position will have a wealth of experience in digital marketing, and will be a master of SEO. Because this is such an important role, it is vital to take the time to ensure that this position is suitably filled.

The Content Creator

Behind every in-house SEO team should be a good writer, or team of writers. Without somebody who can create fantastic content all day every day, your marketing strategy could easily fall apart. Your content creator is the foundation of your marketing structure, and it goes without saying that the person or people who you choose for this position need to have superior writing skills.

Paid Marketing Specialist

Since Google released a variety of algorithm updates (Panda and Penguin being the biggest) over the last few years, PPC marketing has grown significantly. Paid marketing has the advantage of not relying on sky-high levels of knowledge about PageRank, content, outreach and more. Ideally, you should look to fill this position with a professional who has great analytical skills and is a certified Google AdWords specialist.

The Social Media Manager

With social media becoming more and more of an important factor for SEO, it’s vital that every good in-house SEO team has a social media manager. A dream job for anybody who’s constantly checking Facebook, Twitter and Instagram and loves to have a good chat, this position should be filled by somebody who’s confident, creative and talkative with good reputation management skills.

The Link Builder

Without a good-quality link builder, your marketing strategy would fall to pieces. Since assuming that ‘a link is a link’ could end up doing more harm than good, appointing somebody who has excellent knowledge and experience of the hundreds of different metrics which go into building a good quality link is vital.

The Technician

Last but not least, there has to be somebody on your team who can look after the technical side of things. Your technician should be somebody who is skilled in code and has a deep understanding of the techie side of SEO. If you have web-related problems, they’ll be the first person that you’ll call.

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