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Content marketing often consists of a mid-length article published on a blog. Although this form of content marketing is incredibly effective when performed correctly, many businesses forget that there are other forms of content to utilise. The key to effective content marketing is variety. This means creating blog posts, but also including variety such as infographics, articles and PR pieces. Variety not only means a better Google ranking, but it will also your customers interested.


The Blog Post

The blog post is like the Godfather of content marketing. This is the most common form of copy because it’s effective and produces results. It’s tried and tested, and so businesses trust that a blog post is the most ideal way to build links and promote their brand organically. All the most SEO-friendly elements of content marketing can be used when creating copy for a blog – you can leverage your content so you can expect a return on your investment through keywords, internal linking, and anchor texts.

Blog posts must be relevant, valuable, and be catered to the reader. Although it is a means of promoting a brand, blog posts must not be generated for the sole purpose of revenue. There is a fine line between being too promotional, and creating high-quality copy.

The Infographic

Like the typical blog posts, infographics are incredibly important and an essential marketing tool. Nowadays, people are busier than ever, and they don’t have the time or energy to read a lengthy blog post. Instead, they want to see the information in bitesize chunks. Visual marketing means people are more likely to take note of what you’re trying to say; they’re more engaging because they have a clear and precise message. They are less likely to ‘skim’ the information, and visuals are processed up to 60,000 times faster than bulk text. Infographics can also be more accessible for smartphone users.


The use of video in content marketing is on the rise. In a world of content marketing and infographics, video can be a refreshing means of promoting your brand. The likes of Google and Facebook also rank videos highly, and so, it can improve your search engine ranking because it attracts more attention from consumers. This is because, like infographics, it is visual, quick, and easier to retain. By putting a video on your website, you will be acquiring higher engagement rates and greater traffic. There is also an increased chance of conversions, and the ability to have YouTube stars to promote your product. This type of influencer marketing can work wonders for certain companies. However, it cannot be as subtle as blog posts or infographics.

The key to content marketing is creating variety. This is because the more types of content your brand or website includes, the more powerful your content marketing efforts become. There’s a wealth of potential, you just have to find the right content for your brand. However, the content (regardless of form) needs to speak to an audience. It is the audience that reads, listens, shares and converts.

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