Why You Need Effective Blogger Outreach

By Content Marketing, SEO


Blogger outreach is when a business works with bloggers to create genuine, organic and unbiased content to promote a product, service or brand. Reaching out to bloggers is a means of utilising content marketing and link building, while abiding by Google’s guidelines and rules. By reaching out to particular bloggers in certain niches, they can wholesomely promote your company, and help build a trustworthy and influential brand.



Why Bloggers?

Bloggers are incredibly powerful over the internet and social media. Many people are influenced and inspired by the leading voices in certain niches, and by contacting such bloggers, you can form a working relationship that helps promote your brand. If bloggers suggest your brand and instil trust in you, their followers will give you a chance.

The Benefits

As previously mentioned, working with bloggers can help build trust in your company within an online community. However, there are plenty more advantages of including effective blogger outreach into your marketing strategy.

Without blogger outreach, your content marketing and link building capabilities will be limited. Effective link building requires you to build links on multiple websites, so you need a wealth of blogs to post your content and links on. Linking building and content marketing can help build your brand, and this is especially important if you’re a startup or small business with a limited pool of customers. A few influential blogs can, however, change this for you; expanding your audience and popularity.

Gaining high-quality links is, quite possibly, the biggest benefit of blogger outreach. If you reach out to a popular website which is highly ranked by Google and you persuade them to publish content relating to your brand, then your Google ranking will also improve.

Bespoke and original content is the backbone of SEO, and having countless websites to publish tailored content is ideal. For your Google ranking to increase, you need to be constantly building links. You need to have an effective blogger outreach team in place, so you are finding new, reputable websites and influencers to help promote your brand.

How to Outreach Effectively

Implementing effective blogger outreach can be difficult at times. You must persuade the bloggers to trust in your brand, and in turn, you have to trust that they’ll promote you appropriately. Email is a common means of reaching out. However, it’s easy to conduct bad blogger outreach practices accidentally. Your email must be relevant, personalised and conversational. You are trying to persuade them to work with you, therefore, do not dictate the terms and conditions. Instead, come to a mutual understanding.

To ensure you make the most out of your blogger outreach campaign, you need to plan your goals, determine a pitch, identify the right bloggers and personalise each and every email you send. Through your campaign, there will be trial and error until you find a message that works and resonates with bloggers.

Identifying suitable blogs, determining appropriate niches, contacting bloggers, pricing and developing campaign strategies can take up a lot of time. It could also cost you a lot of money, and if you’re unfamiliar with the practice, you may see a limited ROMI. Investing in a professional blogger outreach service can, however, save you both time and money. If you’re looking for some guidance on blogger outreach and other SEO services, make sure to contact us.


Image courtesy of: charteredclub.com