How Content Marketing Can Expand Your Business

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People have grown accustomed to purposely skipping ads. If they’re on the TV, it’s the optimal time to make a tea or coffee; if you’re going to the cinema, it’s okay to be ten minutes late – after all, you’re only missing the adverts. The same applies to online activity, too. We refuse to click on ads; emails are diverted to spam folders, and if an advert appears on our laptop or mobile phone screens, we scroll on by. In fact, if a website is ad heavy, people will ignore or click off the site completely.

Content marketing, however, is still an effective marketing strategy. This is because (good) content is bespoke, informative, and serves a purpose. It’s user-friendly, and it’s not driven with the sole purpose of revenue in mind. Nowadays, we’re too smart to click on an overly promotional ad; instead, we like to read intelligent, creative content which offers a legitimate answer to our qualms. The purpose of content marketing is to engage readers and offer them something which holds value.

You may not see the use of implementing content marketing into your marketing strategy; so, here’s a break down of how content marketing can expand your business.



Builds Trust

Millennials need to trust a brand before they invest in it. We’re living in a world of social media, where it’s easy to connect with one another. Millennials, therefore, want companies who are easy to get in contact with, and who build relationships with them. Content marketing means you can create relevant and trustworthy content which connects with your customers because you’re offering sincere advice and creating a legitimate bond.

Customer Satisfaction

Advertising your product or service is easy, however, it’s creating relevant and useful information that’ll truly sell the product/service to your customers. For example, if you’re a driving instructor, having a blog which creates tailored content about driving can greatly help sell your services (you’ll seem knowledgeable and trustworthy) while providing something of value to your customers. Keeping your readers satisfied means they’ll return; especially when they have a specific question that needs answering.

Targets Specific Customer Bases

Good content marketing means you’ll be posting concise content that fits with your site and targets your specific customer base. Straying too far from what you sell will make you too broad, and you will eventually lose loyalty from your customers. To target specific customer bases, you need content designed with location, interests, gender and age in mind. Honing in on certain demographics means you can have a loyal, genuine following, where customers will trust your brand. A more targeted audience will increase your percentage of potential buyers.

Builds an Online Presence

When building an online presence, you need to have a constant stream of content being released. Of course, you want to refrain from spamming your customers, and so, a few pieces of content a day will suffice. Creating a reliable online presence with regular content means your company will become a go-to source of information. The more traffic, the greater your visibility.

SEO Benefits

When it comes to SEO, the quality of your content can greatly impact where your website ranks in search engines. By practising white-hat techniques, you can build greater website traffic and conversion rates using specific keywords and anchor texts.

Content marketing is incredibly beneficial if created correctly. It can help expand your business by drawing in greater traffic and increasing conversion rates and sales. It can also increase your brand’s image and customer satisfaction if you offer something of value. If your company needs advice on content marketing, contact us for further advice.

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