Last Minute SEO Tips for the Holidays


As the holidays approach, most of us are thinking about spending time with family, giving/receiving gifts, and travelling to interesting places. However, if you're an ambitious webmaster or marketer, chances are you're also interested in taking advantage of some of the tremendous traffic potential the holidays and their associated shopping trends have to offer. If you're planning on putting in a valiant effort to get things done before relaxing for a couple weeks, consider the following 3 last-minute holiday SEO tips:



1. Touching Current Affairs

A lot of people will have spare time on their hands during the holidays, so as usual there will be an increase in casual search traffic related to current world affairs. Furthermore, there are a lot of promotions, events, and news stories circulating this time of year. All of this combined makes for an ideal time to create blog posts and advertisements centred around specific holidays and related events. If your site sells products, it might also be a good idea to hold a holiday sale.

2. People Want Content, Not Gimmicks

Although shopping-related terms are typically the most popular during the holidays, people never stop craving information as well. With that said, there's no use in redesigning your site for the holidays if you're not going to launch a content development and distribution plan to match the design. In particular, you should be looking for ways to help your site visitors and customers have a more enjoyable holiday season. This can be done through informational lists, giveaways, special limited time offers, and any other useful information or promotions you can think of.

3. Be Proactive and Practice Early Preparation

The key to making sure you have all of your chips in order before the holiday arrives is to get the work done many weeks in advance. Have everything prepped and ready to go live and all you'll have to do is focus on the micromanagement tasks. You don't want to be rushing to produce content and collaborate with others when you're supposed to be enjoying the holidays, so get everything done beforehand and you'll thank yourself later. Another reason why it's important to have these things ready is because many webmasters and marketers won't be working during this time, so outreach will be more difficult.

Setting up Work for the Holidays

As you know, the hustle and bustle of the internet doesn't stop during the holidays. In fact, to the contrary this is actually one of the busiest times of the year for online shopping and search traffic. Unfortunately, most of us won't be up to working much during these days, so it's a good idea to have your content and to-do list lined up to make things as easy as possible. Having a plan prepared and all of the content needed to facilitate it before the holidays start will ensure that you're able to get things done without taking away from your off time.

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