Are You Using Google Data Studio?

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Tracking key performance indexes and other metrics are great ways to keep your SEO and internet marketing campaigns under control. The only way you can evaluate your campaigns accurately and make fine adjustments to them is by taking a closer look at the analytics data you get from various sources.

Unfortunately, looking into these analytics is not always fun or exciting. There are so many reports to go through and various sources of information to translate before you get a set of useful insights. Fortunately, Google Data Studio is here to solve that issue.

Analytics Data Turn Visual

One of the best things about using Google Data Studio is that you can turn all of those numbers into beautiful charts that are easy to understand. You can also set up five custom reports with unlimited editing using the free version of the web app.

More importantly, Google Data Studio works with Google Analytics, Google AdWords and even YouTube analytics out of the box. All you have to do is connect these sources of data to the Data Studio account and you can start composing custom reports in seconds.

Connect – Visualise – Share

Getting started with Google Data Studio is fairly easy. As mentioned earlier, you start by connecting sources of data to the Google Data Studio account. Once connections are made, the web app can automatically get information from the connected sources, which means you are ready for the next step.

The main feature offered by Data Studio is data visualisation. You can turn numbers or charts into interactive visuals filled with information. This makes understanding SEO metrics or seeing how well your site performs in delivering a good user experience very easy to do.

The third part of the Data Studio experience is sharing. You can now share reports with colleagues the way you can share documents and photos: by generating a sharing link and granting access to select users.

Of course, you also have a lot of control over how the different data sources are processed and displayed. For instance, you can create a calculated field. This allows you to transform a value or a set of metrics using your own custom formula.

Comparing multiple data fields and formatting them the way you want the data to be displayed is also very easy to do. There is a visual report designer built into the Google Data Studio user interface, so you can drag and drop elements just as easily.

Are You Using Google Data Studio?

So, are you using Google Data Studio to process or metrics and KPIs? If the answer to this question is still a no, then now is the best time to start. The web application was first released to public in May, but it is still in its Beta stage at the moment.

That said, you can sign up for a free version of Data Studio or use Google Data Studio 360 for a small fee if you want to generate more reports or you need detailed configurations and tools to process your information. Regardless of which version you choose to use, Google Data Studio is a great addition to your internet marketing toolbox.

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