How to Generate Content Ideas Using Google Trends

Generating ideas for the content that you put on your website to optimise it and attract more people can definitely become difficult. You might have a lot of content ideas at the launch of your site, but these ideas will eventually run dry and it could become difficult to continue coming up with original content that isn't only relevant to your niche but is also content that people are searching for.

Thankfully, there's a handy tool called Google Trends that you can use to generate content ideas. Continue reading to learn how.

Use Keywords

You should be coming up with keywords that are relevant to your target audience's needs and the content on your website. So once you have this list of keywords, go a step further and put them into the Google Trends tool in order to see other related popular keywords that people are actually using to search for information.

The list that comes up in Google Trends will be Google's own suggestions for related keywords, and the rising list will provide you with the related keywords you can use to optimise your site because these are the ones that have been searched for more recently and they're showing a recent rise in popularity.

You can even run old keywords through the tool to see if they're still worth using. If they are no longer on rising trends, it may be better to edit your older content and make updates to your keywords so you can continue generating traffic.

Set Your Calendar

Another way to boost SEO and generate content ideas is by utilising Trends to identify any cyclical patterns related to people's searches for the keywords and content on your website.

For example, if your website focuses on products, services, or topics that are considered seasonal, you can use Google Trends to identify search patters. Then you can plan out the content creation for your site so that you'll post relevant, trendy content as the trends are moving upward.

In other words, by understanding when certain keyword searches spike throughout the year, you can develop not only new content ideas, but also post that content when it's most relevant to users.

Explore Trends Like a Pro

Again, Google Trends is all about the current trending topics that people are searching for. But how can you really analyse trends and make use of them like an SEO pro?

First, pick a category within the trends, then navigate to a subcategory and check out the search engine queries that are generating the most traffic. Then scroll down to find related keywords and queries. You'll then be able to see how a specific query has been doing over the last few days, and whether it's still trending upward or not.  Keep an eye out for breakout keywords that have risen 5000% and have broken rankings.

As you can see, Google Trends is a great way to come up with new content ideas that will keep driving more traffic to your site, so definitely take advantage of all that it has to offer.

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