How Analysing Competitors Can Improve Your Link Building Strategy

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In addition to keeping up with the latest SEO rules for link building, you can also improve your link building strategy by analysing your competitors. After all, every smart business owner is aware not only of what is going on within his or her own organisation, but also what's going on outside of it. Keeping abreast of what the competition is doing can help you stay ahead of the game, and the same holds true in the online world, where SEO is king and you need to do your best to rank as high as possible in search engine results to generate more traffic and boost conversions.

So how does analysing your competitors help you improve your link building strategy? Continue reading to learn more.


What You Should Aim to Gain

By looking at what your competition is doing, you should be able to identify your biggest competitors in terms of who else is using the same top keywords that you're trying to use to attract more traffic and optimise your website.

You should also be able to identify what backlinking strategies your competition is using in order to garner the success that they currently have.

And, finally, you should be able to take a closer look at your own backlink profile and see how it varies in the types of sites, the growth of links, and the number of links.

Analyse Competitors' Backlinks

To improve the efficiency of your own link building strategy, you should take some time to analyse where your competition is receiving its own backlinks from. This requires that you examine the various websites that link to the competitor's site.

But you also need to remember to look at the data involved, such as the number of links, the authority of these linking sites, the relevance of those links, the way that they're linking in the first place, and more. Essentially, once you see what's working for your competition, you can implement similar strategies for your own website.

Get More Links

If your competitor has a lot of great links on certain websites already, and these websites are also relevant to your website, why not go after those sites and ask for links to your website as well? This eliminates the need of working towards locating the same high quality linking opportunities on your own.

Basically, your competition has clearly already done the hard work, and you can take advantage of the data that you've collected during your analysis to save time and effort. Just be sure to check the quality of every website before going after a link on that site. After all, you don't want to blindly follow the competition and lead yourself astray.

Once you've analysed your competition, you'll be able to improve your own link building strategy using the same techniques that they're using to increase their search engine ranking. Remember to always follow the latest SEO rules and stay on top of relevant keyword trends as well so you can achieve the best results.

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