How to Generate Interest in Advance of Your Business’ Opening Day

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Opening a new business is an exciting adventure. Starting off slow, however, can be detrimental to any business and business owner. That is why you need to generate interest before your business even opens. Generating interest and becoming well-known in your community before you open is how you’ll start off great, keep going, and making new loyal customers. Follow this guide to help you get started on creating a buzz even before your opening day:



  1. Inform Local News Agencies

One of the best ways to generate interests ahead of your opening day is to get your local news agencies involved. These agencies are important to directly target your customer base, and they have an interest in reporting about new start-ups. The more local news agencies that publish stories about you, the more coverage you will receive and the more attention you will garner. As a bonus, these local stories will increase organic traffic to your site and increase your Google page ranking.

  1. Build Your Online Reputation

Before you open your doors, you need your website to go live. Every business should invest in creating online content in their niche. Not only will you benefit from being able to add an online marketplace, you can also produce and publish articles and blog posts that are there to help your customers. Doing this will increase your online reputation and your page rank. As a bonus, creating new content consistently will keep interested readers coming back for more, allowing you to further market yourself and sell your product or service.

  1. Hold an Opening Event

New businesses can benefit so much from an opening event. This event can be further advertised in local directories and news agencies. The smaller your community, the bigger and more important your opening event will be. It is fine to use gimmicks and other marketing ploys to entice potential customers to visit. Have an opening event so you can generate interest, and get your name and brand recognised in the community.

  1. Use Social Media

Before you open your doors, you need to create social profiles. These profiles will often be the first point of contact and, in some cases, the only point of contact your customers and potential customers will use. Social media is perfect for sharing promotional posts about the products or services your business provides, about any sales you have, and can be used to share your blog content. The better the content you post, the more it will be shared and the greater your reach will be.

You need to use a mixture of traditional and digital techniques to generate buzz before your opening day. Informing local news agencies and getting your name out there to your community will generate interest and increase your page ranking. Further build your online reputation by publishing shareable, valuable content that you can post on your social profiles. You want your business to be well-known and well-liked before you ever open, so that your business can start off with a bang.

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