5 Reasons to Use Your Site to Gain Feedback

By Business

There is no one more knowledgeable about how to improve your business than the very people who use it: your customers. Whereas previously a disgruntled shop customer would return to a shop armed with receipts and quoting the Consumer Rights Act, now it is all down to the keyboard where intonation and emotion is reduced to the flat words in an email, and if that is unsuccessful, terse phone calls.

Your website is your shop front. It’s a means of selling your wares, however, it’s also a way to gain valuable insight into areas of how to improve the service you deliver. When asking for feedback, compare your customer’s qualms with your business objectives and goals – the information you glean from a successful feedback form will allow you to adapt your objectives to suit your customer demographic. You can also add new goals in response to the data you have collected.



  1. It provides insight to improve your customer’s experience

The primary reason for collating feedback is to improve your customer’s experience. The information you gather can be used to iron out any inconsistencies within the business. The feedback you receive can all be actionable to increase customer retention and attract new customers through referral.

  1. It improves customer retention

A customer who is listened to is a happy customer. By offering a direct line of communication to air any grievances, and as long as you are reactive and proactive in providing a solution to the problem, a happy customer is a retained customer.

  1. It can help you measure customer satisfaction

Unless you have a shop front for your products or services, it is very hard to gauge your customer satisfaction without seeing them face-to-face. Contact is usually made by customers when something is wrong with the product, so feedback allows you to get a true picture of whether your business meets or exceeds expectations. You can also use such feedback as a means to identify potential advocates for your business: customers who score you highly should be approached to provide you with a testimonial or referral.

  1. It can help you to improve your product and service

Listening to your customers is the only true way to guarantee that the products and services you provide are what they want to buy. The most innovative and successful businesses listen to their customers and ensure that their needs are met beyond expectation. Product development and customer feedback go arm in arm, and will give you a strong and loyal customer base, with the added benefit of competitive advantage.

  1. It can help you make better business decisions

The tangible data you receive from feedback forms can be used to make firm business decisions based on fact, rather than hunches. For example, if a large number of customers show interest in certain products that you don’t provide, you know that there is a hole in your business plan that you can easily fill; alternatively, the information may provide insight as to why some of your products are not so popular.

Image courtesy of: tutorwaves.com