Brighton SEO 2017 Takeaway: Importance of Link Auditing

By Link Building, SEO

Phew! What a day we had at Brighton SEO this year! Amazing turn out, loads of super interesting speakers and we got to exhibit; even our very own Simon Brisk presented on manual outreach and tips & tricks on how to get it right – what a guy!

As an SEO nerd, I got to sneak into a few of the talks going on throughout the day and build on my knowledge with industry insides from some of the best in SEO.

One talk I went to and what will be the base for this article was titled ‘How to increase your traffic 5x with this one SEO method’. Now, as an SEO’er, and any business professional can agree, what an alarming statement. We all try to increase traffic and conversions etc, whether for your clients or for your business, but to get 5 times more traffic by using 1 SEO method – surely can’t be right…can it?

The talk was presented by Christoph C. Cemper, CEO & Founder of Link Research tools, wearing, dare I say, an incredibly bright orange suit, which I kind of loved!

The basis of his talk was Link Auditing. Now, we, as an agency, thoroughly know the importance of link auditing, it’s one of the first areas we look at and analyse when we take on a new client. You can spend all the money in the world on your SEO, but if your backlink profile is poor, you’re literally, just throwing money away – as Christoph states “You only get great SEO results with a full backlink audit”.


His talk began with stating that Penguin can hit your site at any time, causing your rankings to drop, which we are all pretty much aware of and dread that one day you log into analytics and see that steep decline. However, what was interesting, was the theory that Penguin could also be silently holding you back, making all your SEO efforts worthless.

Christoph claims that some of us may be guilty to only doing partial link audits and we could be missing vital signs & clues to harmful backlinks. We need to audit every single back link. Christoph states: “Keep the good, disavow the bad and repair the ugly.”

He presented a great case study, that all of us in the industry, are probably aware of: Hertz. They increased their traffic & rankings by a huge amount, by executing a full link audit. They disavowed the risky links and fixed the broken links. Many of you may not be aware, but if you have a hefty backlink profile, many of those links may be broken and by addressing these, could increase your traffic substantially.

Link Research Tools, where Christoph is the founder of, is a top platform for gathering data on backlinks, and soon will be offering all their backlink auditing products into one tool: ‘Link Explorer’ LEX. LEX pulls data from 25 link sources, from tools such as Moz, Majestic, Ahrefs, etc. This tool really will set the bar for link data quality.

But have no fear, here, at Click Intelligence, we promise to audit your backlink profile fully and we are already executing the strategies outlined above. As we pride ourselves on link building and promise to only build high quality, valuable backlinks for your organisation – It’s vital for us and our clients that we ensure you have a clean, quality backlink platform to build our awesome links on to.

For more information on our Link Building & Auditing Services, look at our Link Building Services page.