4 Reasons Why Evergreen Content is Important

By Content Marketing, SEO


Just as evergreen trees continue to absorb sunlight throughout the year, your SEO content should be being regularly accessed by a healthy number of users. Evergreen content is content that won’t go out of date, and it’s the no. 1 tool of SEO marketers. This kind of content is easy to recognise; it tends to be based around ‘top tips’ lists and ‘how to’ tutorials, and it is markedly distinct from news articles, or articles focused on trends, fads or fashions that will soon be out of date. Here’s why that continuous sunlight is necessary for your growing business.



  1. Universal Appeal

It’s important for SEO that the readership isn’t too limited. You want to be attracting all the demographics you can to the articles because even if your product is demographic-specific, you want wide exposure to get your brand talked about. This encourages word-of-mouth marketing, one of the most effective kinds. You also want different kinds of publishers to be posting the content to get the best results. A universal appeal is one of the essential benefits of evergreen content because the higher the readership, the higher up on search engines you’ll appear.

  1. Useful and Entertaining

Having a universal appeal means that the target readership might not be the same as the demographics you’re targeting with your product, which means that this is a different kind of marketing to traditional advertising. Evergreen content provides a service to its readership – it might be a list of suggestions or ideas for a DIY product, for example – and by entertaining and providing useful information for them, you’re putting the advertising side of customer-engagement on the backseat. This will make it easier for customers to trust your brand if they come to your site through one of the content links, but it also distinguishes evergreen content from other sources like news sites.

  1. In Date

Evergreen content doesn’t engage with events and ideas that will become irrelevant, or that will see reduced internet traffic in time, and therefore the service it provides to its readers is entertainment and help with everyday concerns. Somethings, like healthcare, DIY and family relationships, will always draw readers in, and there’s nothing wrong with that. High-quality evergreen content allows readers to engage with these kinds of subjects at their leisure, but it also consistently attracts them, meaning that a constant stream of users will be following the link to your site. However, more importantly, this will also keep you where you want to be on search engines.

  1. It Stays Fresh

Being timeless, the articles will be read whenever they’re published. Therefore, you don’t have to fill up the archives of all sorts of blogging and publishing sites to make your content have an effect – these sites will be able to reuse older articles. Sites can also be structured to include a list of the most read articles in an eye-catching position, and even if some of the evergreen content is a few years old, it’ll continue to work for you if they’re good quality pieces.

Image courtesy of: wallaroomedia.com