How to Write Copy That Actually Converts

By Content Marketing

Creating strong copy requires more than simply answering someone’s question, building brand awareness and making your company and/or product look great. The entire purpose of web copy is to create content that converts readers into paying customers. All copy must be designed with that goal in mind, whether it is enticing them to sign up for a newsletter or convincing them to buy your product as a solution for their current problem. In this article, we’re going to show you how to write copy that actually converts readers into customers.



Craft the Right Headline

The first thing anyone will see in your copy is the headline. The next thing people will read will be the secondary headline, major section headings, and whatever you put in the first sentence and bullet points. The quality of your copy is almost irrelevant if the headline is so boring or generic that no one will read past it.

The solution is making the headline big, strong, clear as to the intent of the content and in bolded text that keeps people reading. Create a compelling sub-headline that hooks them into reading the rest of the copy. Supplement this with large images that demonstrate the benefits of the product and emotionally engage the reader. Then use strong copy that includes your call to action, such as “buy our product” or “sign up for our newsletter”.

Write for the Right Audience

The general advice for copy that converts readers is writing in simple language and short sentences. The caveat to that is writing for the audience. Use the terms and follow the conventions of your potential audience, though you should not use jargon or fancy language to try to impress people, because it won’t. And always keep copy succinct, since all audiences value their time and hate vague content.

This means that copy selling test equipment to engineers will be much more technical than copy selling baby products to new mothers. This also means presenting benefits and using power words that matter to your audience.

Remove the Barriers Preventing Them from Converting as Soon as Possible

Address the concerns that are keeping them from buying as early as possible. If many of your potential customers are concerned about the price of the product or service, give them a deal that makes it great value comparing to the competition. If there are concerns about quality, discuss what makes your product better than average as part of the copy on the landing page.

What if they are thinking about buying but are still a bit reluctant to part with their money? Give them incentives like free shipping, free returns or discounts if they buy right now. But emphasise the benefits of your product or service, not the price, unless that is the distinguishing characteristic of your business.

Use the Right Positive Promotional Content They Will Believe

Use customer testimonials from people with engaging stories and believable results. Arrange for influencer marketing presentations instead of celebrity mentions, since influencers are seen as much more authentic than the expensive celebrity likely endorsing it for the money. Promote unboxing videos and product demonstrations from authentically thrilled people online to make others excited about trying your product. Don’t use generic combinations of names and praise to try to sell your product. This is where pictures of real people add value. And if you have endorsements and positive mentions by industry leaders or business publications, put that on your landing page.

The Right Type of Solution Selling

Solution selling has been a classic marketing method for years. You talk about a problem the customer has and present your product as the solution. The internet has created several challenges to this approach when writing copy. First of all, you’re competing against many other companies offering similar products or services and trying to promote their offerings as the solution to the user’s problem.

Your copy must either answer more specific questions no one else is asking while offering your product as the solution or explain why your product is better than your rivals as part of the answer to the more general questions users are asking. This does create a great opportunity for upselling, such as explaining how you solve the problem better by providing complimentary products and services or delivering the item faster.


If you want to create copy that sells, create killer headlines or else the rest of the content won’t matter. Write using the right voice for your audience and offer incentives that matter to them. Share endorsements and reviews that your audience will believe. Sell the product to them while addressing their specific concerns. And finally, remove the barriers that prevent them from buying as soon as possible in the copy if you want to get the best results.

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