How to Optimise Your Landing Page for Conversions

When building a landing page, it’s vital to think about the ways in which you are going to connect with the consumer.  Design aesthetics should come second to communicating the value of your product or service.  A well optimised landing page can increase your conversion rates significantly, so keep reading for a list of tips that you should be implementing.



1. Make It Easy to Navigate

Avoid cluttering your page with too many images, too much information, and ads.  Your landing page needs to concisely explain to your visitors why they are on the page, and how it can benefit them.  Make it easy for them to navigate to your product or service, and don’t make them read tons of information to get to what they want.

2. Use Bullet Points and White Space

Most online readers are skimmers, and will quickly look through your page to find out what it is offering them.  Use bullet points to concisely explain the most important information, and use clean designs with white space to direct your prospective customers to your offers.  Empty space on a page has been proven to increase conversions.

3. Use Relevant Images

A picture can tell a thousand words, and there is a reason why they are the most shared forms of media on social networking pages.  Where possible, include relevant, aesthetically pleasing images to your landing page.  You may also want to include videos to illustrate your product if it is hard to explain by text.

4. Don’t Make Visitors Scroll

Visitors will rarely scroll down a landing page unless they are very motivated to do so, so make sure your call to action, form field, and benefits are all listed above the fold.  Your call to action should be the most prominent feature on the page.  Make sure this is clear, and written with short, action words, to evoke a reaction.

5. Imply a Sense of Urgency

Scarcity tactics can help improve conversion rates dramatically.  Perhaps you could mention that you only have a limited number of items available, or that your offer will be ending within 48 hours.  If people believe they only have a limited amount of time to take you up on your deal, they will be more tempted to buy straight away, rather than think over the decision.

6. Know Your Customer

It’s vital to know who your customer is before you start designing a landing page.  If you are targeting seniors, you will need to write in a different way to someone targeting young, single parents for example.  By knowing who your target customer is, you can make sure to design a page that appeals to them.

7. Develop Trust

Finally, it’s also important to develop trust with your customers.  To do this, include contact information, such as a phone number, address, and links to your social media pages.  The more accessible you are, the more people will trust you, and be willing to convert.

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