Can You Build Links Without Creating Content?

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Search engines are increasingly using user intent, artificial intelligence, social media sharing signals and organic links as the main deciding factors when ranking content in search engine results. Marketers now need to be more savvy about how they build links and need to be more varied in their approach if they want to build a good link profile. Fortunately, there are many ways to build links without creating new content and then trying to market that content.


Business Directories

Business directories are a great place to start for anyone trying to build links without content. Business directories are especially beneficial when it comes to local searches.

When preparing your company’s entry, make sure that your business’s name, address and phone number and website are correct and valid. Ensure that you claim your business in every major business directory and that you use the same business name and address format, since search engines see repetition as verification of the information.

Social Media Profiles

A good place to begin link building for your business is adding the link to your company’s home page on your company’s social media profiles. Don’t forget to link to your company’s web page when posting news like changes in company management, new product releases and company hiring events. You can improve the sharing of your content by putting social media sharing buttons on your website.

Using Others Content

When you find a website that mentions your company or product, ask them to put a link to your website on their page. You can then improve your company’s social media sharing signals with search engines by sharing the links to the content others created about you.

One potential way of encouraging others to create content about you and good backlinks is seeking reviews of your product and service with the promise that you will share this content when the review is published. Note that the Federal Trade Commission does require US reviewers to state that they received a free or discounted item in exchange for the review.

Image Links

Many companies have proprietary images on their website and exclusive rights to their logo. These images, nevertheless, end up referenced elsewhere. One way to build backlinks without creating new content is to find where these images are getting used and demanding proper attribution for the image which includes a backlink to your site.

Clean Up Your Existing Links

Your website can improve its link profile by cleaning up bad links to the website wherever possible. Repair broken links in your website and cross-link the landing pages that most people land on with the newest content so that you retain visitors on the site longer. Don’t forget to add a site directory to improve the site’s ranking by search engines.

Help a Reporter Out Linking

Help a Reporter Out or HARO linking is a recent method of building links. Search engines give extra weight to links coming from sites with a high domain authority, and news sites have very high authority. A story by a reporter that mentions your company and includes a link is one of the most valuable backlinks you can have.

How do you get links like this? Contact reporters with local publications and inform them of hiring events, charitable donations, new franchise openings, awards given to the company and company expansions. They appreciate legitimate stories being given to them instead of having to search for them, and it is reasonable for them to include a link to your company’s homepage on the story online.

Depending on the issue, you can also have key personnel give quotes about various issues. For example, a company executive giving an opinion on proposed legislation that would affect the business could be a way to get a high authority backlink. This type of mention, though, should be balanced against the risk of bad press if the quote hurts your company’s image with readers.


While all these methods are great ways to diversify your link profile, nothing beats high quality, socially active content that users love and share. So, you should never underestimate the power of good content in this day and age. However, by using the methods in this article, you'll be able to naturally increase the number of natural and organic backlinks pointing to your site.

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