Brighton SEO 2014 – James Owen Slides

Click Intelligence’s very own head of search and co-founder James Owen spoke in the afternoon link building segment at Brighton SEO on the Thursday 24th April.

James spoke about “What I (Click Intelligence) has Learnt from building a bot to crawl the web”

Content Opportunities. You may regard it as outreach, link building, inbound marketing, content marketing, link acquisition etc..etc. It’s 2014 and the link building activity has moved on even since 2013 but how do you scale the good stuff and uncover the content opportunities that are there that everyone needs? What started as an experiment has now become the bedrock of our business. Find out why Click Intelligence built their own internal technology to uncover great link opportunities for their clients.

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If you missed the talk by James Owen don’t panic you can view his slides from his presentation below:


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