Best Practice for Mobile SEO

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There are some practices that are better for mobile SEO use than others. Mobile devices have had a large influence on SEO efforts. Targeting mobile users via SEO is one of the best ways a company can remain competitive in today’s world.



Tie Social Needs In With Mobile Needs

A mobile friendly website needs to have many links to the website’s social media pages. A large number of smartphone users are on social media sites 24/7 thanks to the technology used in smartphones. This increases a company’s exposure and the traffic to their website. It also allows them to communicate with their customers, which can go a long way in helping a company to be successful.

Site Navigation Needs To Be Mobile Friendly

A mobile friendly website needs to be easy to navigate through or people likely won’t use it. This means things need to be scaled down from what they are on the desktop friendly website. Easy navigation involves making the most popular parts of a website the easiest to access. It is always a good idea to use vertical menus on a mobile friendly website.

Develop New Websites Specifically For Mobile Devices

When designing a brand new website it is important to design it with mobile users in mind. Creating a desktop friendly website and then converting it to a mobile friendly
website is a waste of time. Any website designed for a mobile device will look just as good and be just as easy to use on a desktop computer. The websites that have the highest amount of traffic are the ones that are the easiest to access no matter what a user is accessing them from.

Place Links Strategically

To make a website mobile friendly it is smart to include a link to the desktop version of the website. This link should be placed in a place where it can be marked clearly so people have no trouble finding it. Use Images And Videos Sparingly Videos and still images should be used sparingly on a mobile friendly website. This is because videos and photos take longer to load on a mobile device than they would on a desktop computer and if people have to wait too long for it to load they may just leave and go to another site. If videos and photos must be used they should be as small a file as possible. The smaller the picture or video file is the faster it will load.

Use Search Terms Effectively

Using the correct search terms on a mobile website will help people find it easier. This means a keyword analysis has to be performed before putting together a website. Using the right keywords makes the difference between a successful website and a website that is not successful. These are the best mobile SEO practices out there and can help any company advertise their business and drive more traffic to their website to increase their profits and brand name recognition.

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