Apple Now Has Public Place Pages – How Can They Benefit You?

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Apple is set to complete the foundation for Apple Maps in 2017, and we’ve been seeing a lot of interesting sneak peaks and live features so far. However, there are two notable features that can’t seem to get enough attention. The first one is the Maps API, shown – in part – as a widget during the last Apple event back in September. The second feature is the Apple Maps’ own Public Place pages.

Both of these features will affect a lot of website and business owners in the near future. So, how can they benefit you?



Pages for Landmarks and Places

The Public Place pages for Apple Maps are live right now. You can see examples of a lot of existing places that are in Apple’s database for Maps, including this page for the John Hancock Center in Chicago. The page has a few notable elements.

For starters, it includes details about the place, including a phone number and website address. Below the short description of the place, there are also reviews from Yelp.

Some businesses are already reporting seeing their places appearing on the Public Place page; these businesses are already in the database and are enjoying the same benefits they got when they registered a Google Business Page. Apple users can now find these places and get more detailed information directly on Apple Maps. Of course, your business can enjoy the same benefits too.

Better Sharing and SEO

We can’t negate the fact that is ranking really high in search results, which means the URL used by the Public Place pages will provide SEO benefits too. With a backlink to your site, the impact that these pages will bring to your site’s online presence – and your business as a whole – is definitely substantial.

The pages are also designed to allow Apple users to share these pages with other non-Apple users. By copying a link to a particular Public Place page, users can now share these details on social media or messaging apps easily. There is no need for the recipient to have Apple Maps at all, widening the reach just as substantially.

The Maps API

We really can’t talk about the new Public Place pages without talking about the Maps API. This API is already available to developers and can be used to integrate Maps-related features into apps. The same API can also access Apple’s Maps database and find places quickly and fluidly.

From the layout of these pages, we can only imagine how far the information can go within the Apple ecosystem through the Maps API. For example, apps like Uber and Lyft will be able to display information about your business to their users. More importantly, users can book a ride straight from Apple Maps upon finding your business location.

These benefits are certainly too good to miss. Let’s not forget that Apple users tend to spend more money, according to last year’s research. The number of potential customers Apple and its ecosystem are offering is simply mind boggling; you wouldn’t want to miss the opportunity, would you?

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