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Website Traffic Statistics Tool

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One of the most essential analyses that a webmaster can do to their website is measure the traffic going to their site. In general, website traffic involves the number of people that view your site, but the pages that they view and the length of time that they spend on different pages is generally an important part of analysing stats. All visits to sites are recorded, as well as links that might be clicked and followed, which can combine to give a webmaster a clearer idea of website popularity. Looking at website traffic statistics & analytics is one of the most vital components of actively managing a healthy website.

The Importance of Website Traffic

Website traffic is important because your website needs visitors to function. If it’s not attracting visitors then your business will probably suffer, as in the early stages, more visitors tends to lead to more customers. A steady flow of traffic is needed, but from the right people — those who will potentially engage with your brand and convert into paying customers. Increased time on your page improves the likelihood that an interested potential customer will engage with you by signing up for your newsletter or promotions. This will allow them to be converted at a later date if you market to them for a longer period of time. However, increased website traffic is also important if you want to generate even more traffic. This self-perpetuating cycle is a very important part of SEO campaigns.

Website Traffic and SEO

A proper awareness of your URL traffic statistics is important for search-engine optimisation. Search engines have to sort through billions of websites and analyse the website traffic statistics to decide which ones will be more useful to their users. One way to determine that is to look at website traffic stats and analytics to determine if their users think a particular URL is valuable. This doesn’t just mean page clicks, but a complex analysis of time spent on the page and the amount of links from other websites to that page. That’s why website traffic statistics are a vital analytical tool for SEO experts who will identify which web traffic comes from which audiences searching which keywords. If your website is SEO optimised, it will contain keywords that accurately describe it. Every single page of your site needs to have keywords that describe it with subtlety but clarity, so that search engine algorithms classify the site according to the keywords and present it on the Search Engine Results Page (SERP) of users that might find your site valuable. This is how the cycle can be self-perpetuating: more traffic to your site (if managed well by somebody competent in SEO) can lead to a higher result on the SERP, which can lead to higher traffic to your site!

Analysing Website Traffic

There are two types of traffic-analysis tools: those that tag web pages and track traffic on an independent server, or those that read the logs of the server that your site is hosted on. In the modern day, it’s very likely that you have a traffic-analysis tool that’s already installed on your site, making it very easy for you to see website traffic stats. If you don’t know how to view your logs, you can ask your server administrator or check their FAQ. These built-in tools are fairly sophisticated and can show you how many people come to your site, the areas they come from, which sites send visitors to yours, which search engines send visitors to your site and quite importantly, which keywords people use to reach you. This is handy, as you can see keywords that you might not have thought of; however, it differs from the sort of keyword analysis done by SEO specialists who find traffic stats on websites that you compete with in order to determine which keywords your competitors’ clients use.

Tips to Drive Traffic

Besides implementing good SEO practices, content is a proven way to drive traffic to your website. Just any content will not do — you need to provide visitors with fresh, original, insatiable content that will keep them coming back for more. It will also keep them engaged and will encourage them to share content for you — automatically promoting your site (great for a higher SERP ranking). Continuously and regularly generating original content is a difficult task for many webmasters, so you might want to hire a professional content writing service dedicated to your site.

Another great way to drive traffic is to position yourself as an expert in your field. Consider creating a free online course and use original high-quality infographics to explain areas that you have rich knowledge in. Google is known to prioritise sites that seem like they are experts in their field, so this drives traffic via SEO as well as by being highly sharable.

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