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Blog Topic Generator Tool

Need help with that creative block? Use our blog topic generator tool to help get some inspiration!

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The Trouble with Content

The trouble most people have with generating content is simply the ability to come up with ideas. There are billions of sites online, so finding something original that will give value to viewers can be a daunting task. However, if you are an expert at the service you provide, or if you are highly knowledgeable about the products that you sell, it can be best to speak about a topic related to your industry, as you likely have authority in your own area. At first, ideas will probably flood to you as you recall questions that you may have been asked about your work, as well as lessons you’ve always wanted to impart. But a good campaign requires consistent original content and soon your reservoir of ideas may dry up. That’s when our blog subject generator comes in handy. If you are developing a content strategy in more depth, you will likely want to feature more than just written blogs: infographics and videos are invaluable when nurturing viewership and can greatly increase the reach of your site. Consider hiring a creative content agency if you don’t have the hours available to dedicate to creating a continuous stream of high quality content.

How to Use this Tool

You’re spoilt for choice looking for a blog topic generator on the Internet, but the best ones allow you to focus your content on keywords, as well as what sort of outcome your audience would like from your content and what common problem it can help them fix. Think about your audience — what do you want to tell them and what message and purpose do you want to communicate? Then, consider what your longer-term strategy is — do you want your audience to engage with your content (maybe that requires a call to action at the end of it), or would you rather they share it with their friends and give you free publicity? Many articles are also written specifically for the audience of bloggers because if they reference your content and link it to their site, it contributes to your SEO campaign and search engines will view your site more favourably.

Your keyword research should come before you use a blog topic ideas generator, like with all SEO strategies. If you want your site to rank higher on Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs) and ultimately attract traffic towards your site, you need a good keyword strategy. This can be difficult to successfully implement without professional help. This is due to high levels of competition and greater SEO literacy across the world wide web where most of the common keywords have high competition. Your keyword research should give you a long list of terms that in an ideal world a search engine would associate with your content and website. You can assess the competitiveness of each keyword with online tools, and when you feel you’ve found the sweet-spot where a keyword has low levels of competition, but a relatively high search rate, plug them into the tool below and wait for it to generate ideas for the headline of your content.

If this free blog generator helps you out while you’re a small site, when you expand you may not have the time to create a continuous stream of content appropriate for the scale of your activities. If you get to this stage, you could consider hiring a dedicated content writer, and in doing so, open a new department of your business. This has its advantages, and is more suited to very large companies that have a substantial viewership that expects tens of articles a day. If you want a more flexible option, you can outsource to a content writing service where you can discuss your strategy with experts and have the ability to cost-effectively increase or decrease your content production depending on demand.

In the world of SEO, content is king. Being able to give visitors a reason to stumble across your site when looking for a solution to a problem is a bonus, but creating high quality content that causes a viewer to want to keep coming back to your site again and again is an invaluable feat in the world of search engine optimisation. That should be the aim for any aspiring content writer.

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