Looking for a new link building supplier?

So here at Click Intelligence we run fully managed SEO campaigns and our little speciality is link building. Don't worry we don't only service agencies, we also run outreach campaigns for brands.

With link building being a main component to the online marketing mix we understand how important it is to your business. We also understand it can be tricky to find the right supplier!

We work closely with our clients to offer a fully transparent service so there are no scares in the delivery process. We pride ourselves on offering you full pre-approval of websites and our in house written content before we even publish a single link.

This way you can protect your link profile and control your anchor text distribution which will be key to obtaining a sustainable return on investment.

Linkedin SEO Promotion Rules

DA30+ Link Building Promotion Explained

Linkedin has been a good friend to us here at Click Intelligence for many years, so we thought, what a good opportunity to reward the platform that has helped our business with a little treat for its users. If you're in the market for finding a new link building supplier we like to give you the opportunity of trying our services out to see if you like what you see.

What Will You Receive

We will be delivering one contextual link placement on a DA30+ website including a 500 word article. The link will be in the style of a guest post which is also known in the industry as blogger outreach. This is one of the most popular techniques to deliver movement in the search engines as part of a comprehensive strategy.

Blogger Outreach Process Explained

The first place to start is to understand your link building requirement, you will see on the right of this text a link building order form to complete. Once you have completed all of the information and hit send, the following sequence of events happens:

– We then compile a list of websites for you to pre-approve before we start work
_ All of the sites we will share with you we will already have a pre-established relationship with.
– Then we write the content specifically for the approved blog.
– We then send you the content to approve and edit, then we send for publishing
– All placements are communicated in a live Live report for full transparency
– Once the work is complete we will send you a live link report.

Rules & Disclaimer

Click Intelligence is happy to offer 1 free DA30+ blogger outreach placement per organisation including a 500 word article. You will have the right to manually approve the domain and content before publishing. Click Intelligence reserve the right to engage with a company if they so wish.

Link Trial Submission

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