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See how optimized a specific web page, landing page, or blog post is for a targeted keyword or phrase.

The Truth About Link Building In 2014

Link Building tactics are always a highly topicable debate, here at Click Intelligence we believe earning links through the merit of the content we deliver is key. Whether it is through video, illustrations, social and content strategies.

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Link Building: Still a Major Search Engine Ranking Factor

In simple terms, links from other relevant websites to your own website equate to ‘votes’ for search engines. Links from relevant, authoritative sites in your own niche along with other notable important sites on the web will offer the biggest ROI for your link building campaign.

Quality Over Quantity – Clean Targeted Link Building

At Click Intelligence we work on the premise that it’s not about “quantity” of links we can build you but the “quality” of links we can build you. Using our in-house technology we are able to build a balance between high quality and volume to achieve the campaign KPI’s and staying the right side of the search engines.

Click Intelligence only uses ‘white-hat’ link-building techniques (those which are stated under the webmaster guidelines of the search engines) so that you have confidence that you will never have to worry about receiving warnings or penalties due to bad link building techniques.

Manual Outreach
Broken Link Building
Video Link Building
Creative Link Building
Manual Outreach

Safe Clean Targeted Link Building

The reason for this is in essence you are building links from highly relevant on-topic blogs and websites to your company website. You can only succeed in manual outreach link building if you create good content that other websites and blogs want to publish as a resource for their users.

Broken Link Building

Broken link building may perhaps be the most effective, white hat link building strategy that exists.

The reason for this is in essence you are building links from highly relevant on-topic web pages to your alternative quality resource. You can only succeed in broken link building if you create good content to replace the lost or abandoned content that webmasters still want to link to.

Video Link Building

Video Content, Great For Link Building & Link Earning

Video’s are a very powerful way to showcase your products and services. A good story and an informative video can be extremely helpful to a user. You can include a vast amount of detail in a short 2 minute clips which will speak a thousand words.

Creative Link Building

Content Marketing for Link Earning

Although having your best quality content on your website is essential it is also important to have your unique content seeded onto other relevant on-topic websites and blogs.

Content marketing for link earning allows you too:

• Engages your target audience lower down the buying cycle
• Introduces your company, products and services to your target audience
• Grow your social following who endorse your companies service or product
• Gain natural inbound backlinks to your website that will help grow you domain authority
• Improve your organic website keyword visibility within the search engines