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On-site Optimisation

Page Mark-Up, Internal Linking, Information Architecture & Search Engine Accessibility.

Technical SEO

Search Engine Penalty Recovery, Link Clean-Up’s & SEO Auditing to imrpove Your SEO Performance.

International SEO

Setting Up And Optimising Your Website For The International Market Success.

Link Building

Link Acquisition, High Quality Manual Outreach, Infographics, Content Marketing & Link Earning.

The Truth About Link Building In 2014

Link Building tactics are always a highly topicable debate, here at Click Intelligence we believe earning links through the merit of the content we deliver is key. Whether it is through video, illustrations, social and content strategies.

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Search Engine Optimisation

Why Do You Need A SEO Experts To Conduct Search Engine Optimisation?

Search engine optimisation has a lot to offer business of all sizes, with a solid SEO foundation and good SEO campaign management it’s possible to see significantly boost your website’s search visibility within a short space of time. With Click Intelligence SEO campaigns, the goal is to deliver an increase in your visibility share for a variety of target keywords that will bring you true value in terms of traffic increase, conversions & high ROI.

Search Engine Optimisation allows you too:

• Cost effectiveness – Improved marketing ROI due to the cost-effective nature of SEO techniques
• Improved search engine rankings and target visibility share
• Increase in targeted traffic
• Positive effect on brand building and authority
• Improved organic rankings can enable your company to reduce dependency on paid search for visibility
• Effective marketing technique for brining in the biggest upside which is new leads and customers

Search Engine Optimisation Campaigns

Effective search engine optimisation campaigns start with a solid strategy. At Click Intelligence we believe understanding your customer and your campaign objectives are paramount to a successful search engine optimisation campaign. We also believe that the key to producing measurable, sustainable results with search engine optimisation is by starting with a solid foundation that:

• Creates your business’s goals and objectives
• Looks at the bigger picture and not just quick wins
• Benchmarks competitors within your vertical and their online visibility presence
• Understands your niche, market and industry
• Creates a bespoke strategy that will provides your business with cost effective traffic and ROI

The Click Intelligence Way

Our approach to SEO combines industry best practices and Click Intelligence technology for on-site optimization, and off-site optimization campaigns (website promotion/link building) that will increase your organic search visibility and traffic month over month. All results are presented to you in a transparent report detailing visibility and rankings increases, search traffic gains, and additional KPI directly from our efforts. The key performance indicators of our campaign are always fundamentally connected to your business goals. We satisfy your search engine optimisation needs through a comprehensive suite of tailored SEO solutions, services and packages.

• Comprehensive SEO Site Audit & Report – We will perform a thorough investigation of all technical, on-page and off-page aspects of your web-site, and deliver a report of easy to understand prioritized recommendations – which can be implemented to improve your on-site SEO performance and your natural search engine visibility.
• Keyword Research Analysis – We use power industry tools to gather data to unlock keyword opportunities to drive maximum value from your campaigns.
• Monthly SEO Packages – Tailored end-to-end SEO packages aimed at delivering your business goals and driving ROI each month.
• Off-site SEO – We can manage and deliver creative target driven link building campaigns.


On-Site Optimisation

On-site Optimisation

On-site optimisation is a important part of the search engine optimisation process. Optimising multiple elements of the page can help the search engines understand what the page is about so the search engines can rank the page for intended target keywords and phrases that a user may be searching for. With Click Intelligence, managed SEO campaigns or on-site audits we give recommendations to ensure that the search engines understand what each page of your website is about.

Technical SEO

SEO Shouldn’t Just Start With Link Building

At Click Intelligence, we understand that there are many factors and elements that can affect the ‘rankability’ of your web-site.

Search engines consider many technical factors including canonicalization, redirects, geo-targeting, on-page factors such as semantic markup, site speed, indexablity, accessibility, validation, microformats, duplicate content and information architecture.

Link Building

Inbound Links: Still a Major Search Engine Ranking Factor

In simple terms, links from other relevant websites to your own website equate to ‘votes’ for search engines. Links from relevant, authoritative sites in your own niche along with other notable important sites on the web will offer the biggest ROI for your link building campaign.

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