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The Truth About Link Building In 2014

Link Building tactics are always a highly topicable debate, here at Click Intelligence we believe earning links through the merit of the content we deliver is key. Whether it is through video, illustrations, social and content strategies.

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Why You Need A PPC Agency

Pay Per Click Marketing

Do Pay Per Click (PPC) the Click Intelligence way. Paid search marketing and ROI go hand in hand. There isn’t any other adverting platform that allows you to measure your return on investment precisely as you can in the online search marketing. Click Intelligence way uses industry best practices along with tried and tested methods to scale your PPC campaign to to the maximum ROI.

Competitor Landscape Analysis

At Click Intelligence we use competitor intelligence to benchmark your industry vertical ageist your business to give you a clear picture of opportunity and projected ROI. Then we create a pay per click marketing campaign that will seize opportunity in line with your campaign objectives to grow your business market share.

Keyword Research

We understand the need to target the correct keywords for your business, service or products to generate highly qualified leads so we identify the three main groups of keyword types, research, comparing and buying intent which allows us identify the complete buying cycle of your customer.

Campaign Targeting

Once we have identified the three main target keyword groups we determine how your campaign should be setup in terms of target locations, languages, devices (Desktop/ Mobile) and search engine to maximise ROI.

A/B Testing, Ad Copy & Conversion Rate Optimisation

Our best practice is to test multiple ad copy variations via A/B testing to determine the ad which will drive the highest possible click-through rate and ultimately drive the highest ROI. We also conduct multi variant test within your landing page to continue the improvement of conversion rate.

Month On Month Campaign Optimisation & Expansion

The Click Intelligence way isn’t to upload the campaign keywords once, no we continue to evolve the keyword campaign by continuously optimising your target keywords that are converting for you and making sure that the keyword campaign is inline with current competitor and user landscape.

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