Link Discovery Platform

What Is The Link Discovery Platform?

Link Discovery is a internal software platform that uncovers commercial placement opportunities in any language or vertical. Once a specific data set is built we can populate a highly relevant pitching list for out outreach managers to communicate with.

We communicate with a personalised approach through social media and other more traditional communicating channels. Once this communication has taken place we offer you a range of sites that can be used for PR or link building for you to hand pick once all the hard work has been done.

Here Is A Breakdown of The Signals Link Discovery Delivers:

• Identify Commercial placement opportunities
• Monitor algorithm updates & impact on search factors
• Interpret page information and structure
• Monitor ‘indexable’ content
• Interpret Page theming
• Match Relevancy
• Interpret Pattern characteristics
• Different between link type/opportunities
• Competitor bank link profiling
• Second and third level backlink profiling

This gives the Click Intelligence team the ability to remove all of the research of outreach and deliver a high volume of high quality credible placements.

Link Discovery Platform can work alongside internal SEO, PR and Digital marketing teams (client side & client facing) to deliver time saving content marketing, PR, brand and link building opportunities.

How Can You Use Link Discovery Platform For Your Business?

Due to the complexities of manual outreach Click Intelligence believe that a job shared is a job halved so why not speak to a consultant today to explore the benefits of working together in a strategic partnership.

If you are looking to increase your outreach production and conversion then feel free to drop us a line so we can discuss how simply we can work together.

Speak to Simon Brisk on 01242 807842 or complete the contact form

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