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Creative Content Campaigns

Effective content marketing campaigns start with a solid strategy. At Click Intelligence we believe understanding your customer and your campaign objectives are paramount to a successful content marketing campaign. We also believe that the key to producing measurable, sustainable results with content is by starting with a solid foundation that:

• Creates your business’s goals and objectives
• Establishes your target audience and what they may need
• Benchmarks competitors within your vertical and their online visibility presence
• Creates your online voice, tone and style
• Creates high quality, scalable model for content production

In this way Click Intelligence is able to create a actionable plan that brings together your target audience’s needs and your business goals and objectives.

Content Marketing for Link Earning

Although having your best quality content on your website is essential it is also important to have your unique content seeded onto other relevant on-topic websites and blogs.

Content marketing for link earning allows you too:

• Engages your target audience lower down the buying cycle
• Introduces your company, products and services to your target audience
• Grow your social following who endorse your companies service or product
• Gain natural inbound backlinks to your website that will help grow you domain authority
• Improve your organic website keyword visibility within the search engines
The two most popular forms of content marketing for link earning are:


Static & Interactive Infographics

Infographics are highly shareable pieces of content have grown hugely popular in recent years. The infographic visualization of data can bring simplicity to complex ideas that text content sometimes can’t show. Whether it’s comparing statistics, illustrating a process, or simply putting a creative spin on a recognizable concept. Infographics can inform, instruct and provide relevant information for your target audience.

The Infographic formate also make them great platform for social sharing and seeding online. This enables you to grow and attract links from other blogs and website along with generating social sharing. All this put together with a on-going content marketing campaign will enable you to improve your organic search engine visibility. Visit our infographic page for additional information.

Video Link Building

Creative Video Link Building For Link Earning

Video’s are a very powerful way to showcase your products and services. A good story and an informative video can be extremely helpful to a user. You can include a vast amount of detail in a short 2 minute clips which will speak a thousand words. Visit our video link building page for additional information.

Content Generation

High Quality Resource Articles and Blog Post Content

Like normal web pages, content such as informational articles and blog posts provide a great opportunity for your business to connect with your target audience and provide relevant and on topic content for search engines to crawl and index.

Consistently adding additional informational articles and topical blog posts is a tried and tested tactic for adding fresh panda proof content for your website. We understand that many organisations simply don’t have the resources to write the blog posts they require on a monthly basis. Our writers work with you to provide a steady stream of optimized content that can been used for blog posts, articles and other written content to keep your target audience engaged and your site up-to-date.

The high quality resource content will be naturally shared through the social networks, drive targeted traffic to your website along with you earning natural links. Visit our content generation page for additional information.



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